• Breast surgery

    Breast surgery

Breast Surgery in London, Bordeaux or Royan

Dr Guillaume Lemierre has practiced plastic, corrective and aesthetic surgery for ten years in London, Bordeaux or Royan. Qualified in plastic, corrective and aesthetic surgery, he is very experienced in breast surgery.

Breasts are a strong symbol of female identity. Each one of you should be able to love her breast and feel attractive. Yet, many of you are not satisfied with their breasts.

It can be either too big or too small, and sometimes asymmetrical. There are many reasons why you wish to restore the shape and harmonise your breast.

Dr Lemierre does these breast surgeries taking into account the diversity of shapes, and the uniqueness of each breast in order to find solutions tailored to each case.

This has contributed to the development of breast surgery techniques.

Surrounded by an experimented and caring team, Dr Lemierre offers various services to satisfy you, fulfill your desires, and meet your expectations:

Breast augmentation in London, Bordeaux or Royan

Every year, you are more and more numerous to choose Breast augmentation.

This surgery consists in increasing the volume of the breasts. It is one of the safest interventions in aesthetic surgery.

The goal is to harmonize and balance the woman’s body proportions.

Dr Guillaume Lemierre, with more than 10 years of experience, offers two trendy and innovative current techniques of breast augmentation in order to try to always respect his patients’ wishes, and to provide a natural and long-lasting result.

Considered for a long time as frivolous and even useless, it is now established that breast augmentation is not just aesthetic. Mentalities have evolved, studies have been made, and society is now aware of the social and psychological afflictions a woman may endure when she is not pleased or is complexed about her body. 

Your surgeon Guillaume Lemierre, located in London, Bordeaux or Royan, as well as his team with whom he has collaborated for more than 10 years, offer innovative techniques to help you gain self confidence, self-esteem and personal satisfaction.

Breast reduction in London, Bordeaux or Royan

Many of you suffer from breast hypertrophy. Breasts too large may cause discomfort daily. You may have back pains, but also pains in the neck.

Furthermore, you are not free to dress as you wish, or practice sports and activities you want. Specialized in breast reduction and hypertrophia, Dr Lemierre gives you the possibility to reduce the size of your breasts.

Generally associated with sagging breasts or ptosis, and sometimes a certain asymmetry, breast hypertrophia may be very uncomfortable. 

Therefore, breast reduction is the solution so that you can reconcile yourself with your body, restore your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

By choosing such an intervention, you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy having beautiful breasts, but also curved, harmonious, balanced, and above all of a size adapted to your morphology.

Breast lift in London, Bordeaux or Royan

If you have sagging breasts, you will be interested in breast lift. Indeed, this surgical technique allows to lift the breasts

In the case of sagging breasts, we talk about « breast ptosis ». This effect may happen naturally with age, or this breast ptosis may be caused by one or several pregnancies, breastfeeding, important weight loss etc.

As mentioned above, breasts are a symbol of femininity, if you have complexes, do not hesitate to contact Dr Lemierre who will guide you in the best possible way towards the most adapted technique.

Dr Guillaume Lemierre is specialized in breast surgery. He has been practicing since 1998. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us or book an appointment with Dr Lemierre in one of his clinics in London, Bordeaux or Royan.


Depending on the type of consult, whether it is for aesthetic or so-called « corrective » surgery, terms of payment may differ.

Indeed, in the case of breast reduction or breast augmentation by lipostructure, a request to take charge may be addressed to the doctor before the intervention. If Dr Lemierre tells your that your profil meets certain conditions, you can submit a request for prior agreement to your social security center. This partial defrayal by your social security or health insurance is not systematic. Certain requirements must be met. Moreover, fees will certainly remain at your expense.

Breast augmentation by prosthesis: from 4, 200 to 4,800€.

Breast reduction: if superior or equal to 300g per breast: 2,600 less the insurance part.

Breast ptosis and aesthetic abdominoplasty: from 4,200 to 4,500€.


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