• HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds in London

HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds in London, Bordeaux and Royan

Doctor Guillaume Lemierre, plastic surgeon in London and Bordeaux, offers you DUAL HI. It is a latest high intense focused ultrasound device. It allows to send focused ultrasounds into the dermis (the skin) but also in the body fat.

Thus those ultrasounds allow to tone the skin. It decreases sagging skin.

There are many devices called « HIFU » but they are not all worth it. Doctor Lemierre chose DUAL HI in 2018 because this device proved to be the most efficient, and far less painful.

It completely overshadows other more expensive and yet less efficient devices.

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How does it work?

The purpose of the focused ultrasounds produced by DUAL HI is to create coagulation microdots on the tissues (skin, body fat and muscles) at different depths. These extremely precise microdots repair tissues thus allowing the synthesis of a new collagen.

However, collagen is essential in the elasticity of tissues and muscles: the skin will slowly be more elastic and toned, the skin is tightened, this is why we can talk about « lifting effect ».

Body fat is also sensitive to ultrasounds, too, it will reduce progressively.

This result is not totally immediate, even if you can feel light tension just after the session. The tissues must « heal » and the effect will be reinforced in a few weeks, generally over two months

The applications:


The ultrasounds are very useful to tighten the skin of the neck, the contour and the cheeks. It also allows to reduce double chin with its effect on the fat. 

Several sessions may be necessary in order to obtain the optimal result.

HIFU pour le visage

When to ask HIFU facial sessions?

  • Your skin is starting to be sagging on your neck and the contour of your face, but with no real excess skin? This scarless and non-invasive medical treatment allows to tighten the skin lastingly.
  • You are already doing injections (hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin) and would like to reinforce the result without recurring to surgery. Your skin is not sagging enough to need a facelift? Then, HIFU Facial will enhance and maintain the results of your injections.
  • You have already benefited from a surgical facelift and wish to maintain and sustain the results? DUAL HIFU will be very efficient to make the results last and tone your facial skin.
  • You have a fatty double chin you wish to reduce? HIFU facial is a very good option.


The action of focused ultrasounds allows to treat certain localized fatty areas which are not too big (otherwise liposuction becomes an interesting alternative).

THE HIFU technique also allows to improve creased skin on the belly, inner-arms and thighs for example.

HIFU treatment can also be used in association with cryolipolysis in the treatment of excess body fat in order to improve the result and all this with no surgery.

HIFU pour le corps

What does a typical session look like?

Before any session, a consultation with Dr Guillaume Lemierre, specialist in Aesthetic skin medicine and surgery in Bordeaux, Royan and London, is necessary to evaluate your personal needs, to offer you the most adapted treatment, and to ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

All types of skin can be treated with HIFU.

Sessions take place at Dr Guillaume Lemierre’s office. Sometimes, you will be asked to put an anesthetic Crean a few hours before on the areas to be treated. All this will be discussed with Dr Lemierre during the prior consultation.

A session lasts between 20 and 45 minutes depending on the number of areas and shots to be considered.

No needle nor product will penetrate the skin.

Doctor Lemierre applies gel to the skin of the target areas in order to ensure the good spread of the ultrasounds.

Shots are done with a handpiece which slides on the gel along the problem areas.

A more or less intense tingling feeling may be experienced during the session. Dr Lemierre will give particular attention to your comfort during the session.

There is no social exclusion, you can resume a normal life immediately after.

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