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    Cosmetic medicine

Cosmetic medicine in London, Bordeaux or Royan

For over ten years, Doctor Lemierre has been practicing cosmetic medicine in Bordeaux, Royan, and London. Certified in plastic, cosmetic, and corrective surgery, Doctor Lemierre has a lot of experience in cosmetic and regenerative surgery.

Cosmetic surgery used to be considered ‘taboo,’ however today about one-third of the French population has had some form of cosmetic surgery or treatment, making the practice and more and more popular.

That being said and thanks to more advanced techniques, the field of cosmetology has evolved and put forward cosmetic medicine and treatments.

Cosmetic medicine is less scary and less taboo today. General anaesthesia and scarring is no longer necessary in order to get natural and long-lasting results.

Surrounded by an experienced and caring team, Doctor Lemierre offers many different services in his clinics in Bordeaux, Royan, and London, all with the goal of enhancing your body with immediate results.

Cosmetic surgery can be for your body or your face:

These treatments give you the opportunity to correct one or several of your facial or body imperfections and to have a natural result. You will feel better and more beautiful. Cosmetic medicine is the ideal solution to help you regain self-confidence without having surgery. It is a medicine meant to beautify; it is anti-aging, corrects imperfections, and prevents signs of aging.

Botulonic toxin injections or Botox® in Bordeaux, Royan, or London

For a long time, Botox® has had a bad reputation, but this is in the past. Over time, Botox® injections have evolved and become a leading technique to help you look and feel younger, have a healthy glow, and add brightness to your face.

At his clinics in Bordeaux, Royan, and London, Doctor Lemierre offers short but efficient sessions that will leave you with a natural result that does not leave you looking ‘frozen.’

These short, painless sessions do not require any surgery or any time off from your social life.

By choosing Botox® you can diminish frown lines, crow’s feet wrinkles, small wrinkles around the mouth, etc. All wrinkles, which develop over time due to facial expressions, can have a profound effect causing you to look tired.

Hyaluronic acid injections in Bordeaux, Royan, and London

Hyaloronic acid is natural constituent. When you are born and as a baby, your skin is rich in hyaluronic acid.

Over time, this natural constituent becomes more rare in terms of quantity and quality, even though its properties are essential in maintaining tone and hydration for your skin.

Hyaluronic acid injections done by Doctor Lemierre will give you once again the skin you had when your body was producing a lot of hyaluronic acid. Doctor Lemierre also ensures that the treatment zones do not look ‘frozen’. The goal is to have a natural result, to enhance your skin, and to help you look younger and more beautiful. Doctor Lemierre wants you to keep your personality and be yourself.

Hyaluronic acid injections can either give your face more volume (plump your lips, add volume to your cheeks, your cheekbones, the tear trough, correct imperfections on your nose and your chin and fill in your dark eye circles) or reduce and even erase your wrinkles.

Cryolipolysis sessions in Bordeaux, Royan, and London

Cryolipolysis is an innovative and recent cosmetic medicine trend that treats signs of aging on your skin. Without any incisions, surgery, needle, or anaesthesia, cryolipolysis is a successful technique.

This technique allows you to sculpt your body and improve your silhouette in a short period of time quickly and efficiently. It does not require any hospitalization and the results are natural, visible, and long lasting.

During the session, your lipid (fatty) cells will be exposed to an intense cold shock which starts the process of “naturally programmed death” of the fatty cells. Studies show that exposure to the cold “kills” the fatty cells also known as adipocyte cells.

Doctor Guillaume Lemierre is specialised in cosmetic and regenerative medicine. He has been practicing since 1998. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or to make an appointment with Doctor Lemierre at any one of his clinics in Bordeaux, Royan, or London.


Botulonic toxin injections & hyaluronic acid injections: personalised rate (based on type of product, number of products, type of injection)

Cryolipolysis: personalised rate based on the number of targeted zones and sessions (starts at 600 €)

LED photomodulation for the face, body, or hair: starting at 250 € for 5 sessions

Thread facelift: personalised rate (starting at 800 €)

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