• Silhouette surgery

    Silhouette surgery

Silhouette surgery in London, Bordeaux and Royan

Doctor Lemierre, who has been a surgeon for over ten years, is trained and qualified in plastic, corrective, and esthetic surgery. In Bordeaux, Royan, and London, he is ready to guide and help you remodel your silhouette.

By choosing one of Doctor Lemierre’s treatment plans, you are giving yourself the opportunity to have the silhouette you have always wanted. Whether it is for a specific region or for your silhouette as a whole, Doctor Lemierre will help you regain self-confidence and get rid of your insecurities.

Aesthetic nuances can cause insecurities. After several pregnancies, a sudden weight gain, or a loss of suppleness or firmness can significantly alter your silhouette. A lack of physical activity, a sudden weight loss, or aging can also be the cause of certain body insecurities.

Doctor Lemierre’s goal is to re-contour your body to harmonise, refine, slim down, or reshape your silhouette to remove zones where lipid cells have accumulated.

Surrounded by a caring and well-trained team, Doctor Lemierre offers several services to meet your needs and desires:

Liposuction in Bordeaux, Royan, and London

Liposuction is meant to treat areas of the body where excess fat has built up. Skin is elastic which makes it ideal for liposuction and for Doctor Lemierre to demonstrate his capabilities in this domain.

Several zones of the body can be treated with liposuction including the stomach, saddlebags, inner thighs (to have a thigh gap), knees, ankles, love handles, arms, calves, and the face.

Thanks to liposuction, Doctor Lemierre and his team that have been working together for over 10 years, will be able to re-shape your body by permanently removing the fatty tissues that do not disappear even with a healthy diet and exercise. For the best and most natural results, Doctor Lemierre suggests combining liposuction with a lifting.

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in Bordeaux, Royan, and London

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that tightens the skin on the stomach by using liposuction.

While there are obvious advantages to the procedure, there are also risks. Doctor Lemierre works with a digestive surgeon and an abdomen specialist to repair the muscular wall, diastisis recti, hernia, or eventration.

Doctor Lemierre recommends an abdominoplasty if you have excess fat or folds on your stomach or excess skin that may even cover your pubic area if you have recently lost a lot of weight because of a bariatric surgery (sleeve, by pass, gastric band…)

Arm lift in Bordeaux, Royan, and London

Like all surgical procedures offered by Doctor Lemierre, arm lifts allow you to regain control of your body to feel better physically, aesthetically, and mentally.

Many people suffer from anxieties when getting dressed (which clothes to wear) and difficulties moving their arms around, which is especially the case when the arms have excess fat or excess skin.

Psychologically, this makes it difficult for you to feel good in your body. The causes are numerous: bariatric surgery, sudden weight loss, pregnancy, diets, or aging of the skin.

By choosing an arm lift you are giving yourself the opportunity to have an A-line silhouette, a well-proportioned body, and firm arms. There are many advantages to this technique and the results are natural and long lasting.

Thigh lifts in Bordeaux, Royan, and London

Thigh lifts are considered a corrective cosmetic surgery that treats loose and saggy skin.

Your inner thigh skin is particularly thin and elastic. After a bariatric surgery or a sudden weight loss, excess skin or fat in this area can cause insecurities, but can also make it more difficult to walk, because the rubbing of your thighs can cause irritation.

By choosing a thigh lift, Doctor Lemierre can help you eliminate excess fat through liposuction/lipoaspiration by removing excess skin and making the skin more firm to thin out and contour your thighs.

Body lifts in Bordeaux, Royan, and London

Body lifts remove excess skin that is situated in the abdominal region (front and back).

Be aware, this is a tiring and delicate procedure for surgeons and there are risk factors. However, it is also one of the surgical procedures which gives way to the most spectacular results.

Doctor Lemierre is specialised in silhouette surgeries. He has been practicing since 1998. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or to make an appointment with Doctor Lemierre at any one of his clinics in Bordeaux, Royan, or London.


Depending on whether it is a cosmetic surgery or a corrective surgery determines the price.

For a mammary reduction or augmentation through liposuction, you may be requested to pay a sum in advance. If Doctor Lemierre thinks your profile meets certain requirements, you may be able to consult your social security or insurance for reimbursements, but this is not done automatically. In any case, the fees will be your responsibility.

Liposuction: depending on the zones from 2300 € to 4500 €

Body lift: for corrective surgery (social security): flat rate (surgeon and anesthesiologist) of 7200 € minus the costs your insurance will cover; for cosmetic surgery (without social security): 9800 €

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