Clinic in Royan

Doctor Lemierre welcomes you for consultations every other Tuesday at his secondary clinic in Royan, situated across from the Clinique Pasteur. The location of his secondary was chosen for your convenience.

As a matter of fact, the Clinique Pasteur is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and a high-performance technical service. This allows Doctor Lemierre to offer you quality outpatient care.

Doctor Lemierre’s practice within the Clinique Pasteur is optimized for your comfort: intimate, peaceful, combining wellbeing with discretion.

Cabinet of Dr Lemierre in Royan

Across from the Clinique Pasteur, Doctor Lemierre’s secondary practice in Royan

In Royan, a few hundred kilometres from Bordeaux, Doctor Lemierre and his team welcome you in a space dedicated to your wellbeing.

At this secondary clinic, Doctor Lemierre welcomes you every other Tuesday for consultations. Modern (barely a year old), intimate and cosy, this clinic located in Royan gives you the perfect occasion to check in with your practitioner. What are your desires? Your needs? Your expectations? Where to begin? And which results to expect?

Conducive to discussions and conversations, Doctor Lemierre’s secondary clinic in Royan is equipped for outpatient care and more significant surgeries. At the Clinique Pasteur, the surgeon can offer you outpatient care.

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and high-performance technical services, the Clinique Pasteur offers optimal patient care thanks to the 55 medical practitioners present on site. This is an added plus for patients who will receive treatment in a completely safe environment.

For more significant surgical treatments, Doctor Lemierre will ask you to come to his clinic in Bordeaux.

Waiting room

Doctor Lemierre’s team in Royan

A professional and attentive team surrounds Doctor Lemierre in Royan that will guide you throughout your ‘journey.’ You will feel welcome, heard, and included in the decision-making process. The goal is to give you the opportunity to make decisions with a total peace of mind.

A nurse accompanies Doctor Lemierre during all treatments, post-operation follow-ups, and all other services provided at the Clinique Pasteur or at the Maison Esthétique in Bordeaux. This allows you to be a part of the surgical process because you will benefit from a personalised and adapted treatment plan.

This space, conceived to answer questions, be heard, and communicate, allows you to create your post-operation image and instil self-confidence. Doctor Lemierre and his team in Royan and in Bordeaux want you to feel confident and safe throughout the whole process.

The services offered at Royan

Although less equipped than other clinics, Doctor Lemierre’s practice in Royan provides treatments such as hyaluronic acid or botulinic toxin injections, peelings, cryolipolysis

For outpatient treatments such as a blepharoplasty, Doctor Lemierre will treat you at the Clinique Pasteur, located just across the street.

All other more significant surgical procedures can be done at the Maison Esthétique in Bordeaux.

Contact Royan

If you would like to make an appointment or for all other questions, please contact Doctor Lemierre or one of his secretaries directly by phone.

To properly address all of your requests, the peri-urban location of the clinic provides you with discretion and peace of mind.

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