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Hair transplant surgery and regenerative medicine for hair in London, Bordeaux and Royan

For over 10 years, Doctor Lemierre has been practicing in Bordeaux, Royan, and London. He is specialised in plastic, corrective, and cosmetic surgery, and has a significant amount of experience in hair transplant surgeries and hair regenerative medicine.

Surrounded by an experienced and caring team, Doctor Lemierre is committed to providing you with the best results that correspond to your wants, needs, and desires.

Doctor Lemierre and his team are perfectly conscious of the emotional and psychological damage that can occur when you lose hair. They have a lot of experience with many methods and techniques to help you find the best one adapted to your needs.

Two methods adapted for every stage of your alopecia (baldness):

Hair transplant procedures in Bordeaux, Royan, and London

Hair transplants are recommended if you suffer from androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Whether the factors causing the hair loss are genetic or hormonal, balding can have psychological and aesthetic repercussions.

By choosing to get a hair transplant, you are taking control of your hair loss to prevent it from continuing.

Doctor Lemierre has become a specialist in the prevention and treatment of male pattern baldness and androgenic alopecia by working on the subject with his team for over 12 years.

Furthermore, the surgeon has opted not to use a robot for the moment. These robots can be very precise, but do not yet have the same abilities as a human. For example, the robots do not work well with frizzy, wavy, long, white, or blond hair, and do not have a high success rate with these types of hair. The robots also have a tendency to shave all the hair off, which may not please everyone.

Doctor Lemierre most commonly proposes the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique, but depending on the case he may also offer FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) if necessary. The FUE technique has no scarring, while the FUSS technique may have some scarring.

Both techniques are painless and provide you with long lasting and natural results.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections in Bordeaux, Royan, and London

Every day, more and more people are affected by hair loss. As previously indicated, if this is the case for you, you can choose to have a hair transplant.

You can also choose to have PRP injections.

This innovative, modern, and effective technique provides you with results, even though it cannot replace the hair transplant.

The goal is to treat hair loss (baldness, seasonal hair loss, etc), while also preventing further hair loss by strengthening and encouraging hair growth.

Your body is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, and blood platelets. These platelets have revitalising and regenerative properties. Athletes use this technique to repair torn or damaged tissues. PRP injections can improve and accelerate the healing process.

The injections are simply made up of what is already in your body. It is therefore 100% ‘organic’ and there is no risk that your body will reject or be allergic to the injection.

PRP injections do not require taking a break from your social life since no anaesthesia is needed and the process is not very painful.

The cumulative effect of several PRP injection sessions will give your hair long lasting, natural, and visible results over the course of the treatment.

Your hair will be thicker and possibly denser.

Photomodulation or LED sessions to strengthen your scalp

To strengthen your scalp or accelerate hair growth, Doctor Lemierre can offer you LED photomodulation sessions with a high-performance helmet specially adapted to the scalp.

For over 12 years Doctor Lemierre has been specialised in hair transplants. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with Doctor Lemierre in any of his clinics in Bordeaux, Royan, or London.

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