• Hyaluronic acid injections in London

Hyaluronic acid injections in London, Bordeaux and Royan

Hyaluronic acid has hydrating properties which can add volume to your face when it is used with a high viscosity rate. It also plays a major role in the healing of skin since hyaluronic acid is one of the natural constituents of our skin. By choosing a hyaluronic acid injection, you are choosing to perpetuate the properties of this molecule and to help your skin maintain its natural levels of hydration and tone. With time and as you age, the quality and quantity of hyaluronic acid present in your body will diminish. Your skin will become more dry and fragile, and it is at this moment that wrinkles begin to appear. Hyaluronic acid is the solution to moderate and reduce these negative effects on your skin, such as wrinkles, which can deepen over time.

Since it is naturally present in your skin, hyaluronic acid is well tolerated and supported as a “filling” for wrinkles around the nose or the mouth. A baby’s skin is hydrated, soft, and supple yet firm, because it is rich in hyaluronic acid.

In Bordeaux, France, Doctor Lemierre uses hyaluronic acid not only to treat wrinkles, but also to fill in and smooth out folds and dark eye circles. Doctor Lemierre’s methods give patients a healthy glow by assuring that the treatment zone will not be “frozen” or “stuck in place.” A natural look is Doctor Lemierre’s essential goal, who wants you to feel more beautiful and younger, but not transformed. There are very little side effects to this form of treatment and many satisfying results. If for example you desire to have this treatment done near your eyes, Doctor Lemierre will highlight your features and keep your personality shining through your eyes while making them stand out. This technique will give you a sublime look! If in addition, you opt for a blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, your look will be to die for!

For over ten years, Doctor Lemierre has been practicing hyaluronic acid injections making him an expert in this domain. Over the years, he has surrounded himself with a qualified, experienced, and competent team. His team will not only listen to your needs and desires, but will know how to professionally guide you towards your preferred treatment.


Why seek out a hyaluronic acid injection?

Would you like to add volume to your face?

If you wish to add volume to your face, Doctor Lemierre proposes hyaluronic acid injections. Quantity is very important because it will determine the volume.

With hyaluronic acid injections you can:

  • Plump up your mouth and lips
  • Fill in the area around your temples
  • Bring volume back to your cheeks and cheek bones
  • Correct and restructure your nose (with a rhinoplasty or by injection) or your chin to enhance your profile
  • Get rid of your dark eye circles

Are you embarrassed by the appearance of wrinkles?

If you are more and more bothered by the onset of wrinkles and have the feeling that your skin is marked by small “cracks” these are some of the zones Doctor Lemierre offers in his clinic in Bordeaux:

  • Crows’ feet
  • Frown lines
  • The nasogeniens (between the nose and the corner of the mouth)
  • Expression lines (which stem from the nasogeniens)
  • Upper lip wrinkles
  • Jugal wrinkles (in the middle of the cheek)

However, it is important that your wrinkles are deep enough to be treated. Wrinkles that are too close to the surface, like those which can appear near the lower eyelid, are not always able to be corrected using filling injections because the skin is too thin and the hyaluronic acid too thick. Nevertheless, Doctor Lemierre will know how to adapt treatments to meet your specific needs and desires by proposing several options such as hyaluronic acid injections, micro lipostructure (a micro transfer of fat) or botulinum toxin injections.

Hyaluronic injections require several sessions if you want a result that will last several years. Doctor Lemierre provides innovative and effective techniques to ensure the durability of the treatment. However, hyaluronic acid injections are not recommended if you have an autoimmune disease or hyper-inflammation. Doctor Lemierre and his team will ask you all the necessary questions beforehand to ensure the safest procedure.

The advantages and inconveniences:

The advantages:

Since hyaluronic acid is already present in the body, choosing hyaluronic acid injections is a natural treatment because the substance breaks down over time and it does not expose your body to a foreign substance.

Furthermore, the effects of the filling injections are immediate. Bruises are very rare and hyaluronic acid injections are virtually painless. Doctor Lemierre uses mircocannulas for the injections and the syringes contain a local anaesthetic.

Hyaluronic acid is well tolerated by the body and there is very little risk of allergies since it is not silicon or collagen. Doctor Lemierre’s method of administering hyaluronic acid injections will give you a natural glow. His method will bring light to your eyes and enhance your mouth rapidly and naturally.

The inconveniences:

Just as with any other cosmetic surgery or treatment, slight redness and/or puffiness can occur, but it will typically only last a few hours to a few days after the injection.

Skin necrosis or a vascular compression can occur, but these risks are very rare.

The choice of quantity of hyaluronic acid used depends on the zone of treatment. The thinner the skin around the zone of treatment, the thinner the hyaluronic acid will be and therefore the durability of the treatment will be shorter. In this case, Doctor Lemierre can recommend micro lipostructure, which will be more adapted to your needs.

Hyaluronic acid is more or less absorbable; therefore the result is not definitive. Regular sessions maintain an increasingly stable result.

What can you expect from a typical session?

Before a hyaluronic acid injection, Doctor Lemierre will have a consultation session with you on the different zones you wish to have treated. The session will last about 30 minutes depending on the amount of injections desired.

This is not a difficult procedure. The injections are done at Doctor Lemierre’s medical office.

No form of anaesthesia is necessary. The injections administered by Doctor Lemierre already include a local anaesthetic in the syringe making the procedure painless. Nevertheless, if you are particularly sensitive or according to the treatment zones, Doctor Lemierre can offer a local anaesthetic cream so that the procedure is a comfortable process for you.

To reduce the risk of bruising, Doctor Lemierre uses small needles with a foam tip called a microcannula. This innovative technique is used in several of the treatments offered by Doctor Lemierre and his team to provide an immediate result.

In addition, you can reapply your make-up within a few hours of the procedure.

An immediate and natural result

Thanks to the naturally occurring molecule, Doctor Lemierre will spare no effort to correct the trouble zones targeted in a natural and discrete way. Contrary to botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid does not affect the mobility of facial muscles and does not impact facial expressions.

Even though there are immediate results following the injections, to appreciate the final results you will have to wait a few days, especially for injections around the lips. It takes a couple of days for the hyaluronic acid to have its full effect on your face.

Doctor Lemierre always makes it a point of honour to accompany his patients every step of the way. Taking care of and nurturing your body and your face demonstrates a want to take care of your health as a whole. This is why Doctor Lemierre encourages his patients to live a healthy lifestyle. Not only to optimise the results of the procedures, but so that the results are long lasting and conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Particular to hyaluronic injections, the duration of the effects of the molecule varies according to your skin type, the treatment zone, and your lifestyle choices. Stress, tobacco, alcohol, and a lot of exposure to the sun can reduce the effects of the injections.

As with other techniques practiced by Doctor Lemierre, hyaluronic acid injections can be associated to HIFU sessions (high intensity focused ultrasounds), contour thread lifts or botulinum toxin injections.

What are the post-procedural results?

Hyaluronic acid, as previously indicated, gives your face more tonicity, a younger look, and restores volume which may have disappeared over time.

Since it does not involve surgery, the post-procedural follow-ups are very minimal. Apart from some redness which can appear on certain patients, there are almost no post-procedure risks.

Furthermore, to diminish the appearance of the redness you are able to use your habitual make-up.

If Doctor Lemierre did a treatment on your lips it is possible that swelling may last up to a week.

There are no post-procedure effects on your daily life. You will be able to return to your daily activities, including sports, immediately after the procedure. However, Doctor Lemierre suggest avoiding alcohol, aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicine, exposure to the sun, and saunas for several days after the procedure.

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