• PRP injections Platelet Rich Plasma in London

PRP injections (Platelet Rich Plasma) in Bordeaux, Royan ans London

Thanks to recent innovations and improvements in the field of regenerative medicine, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is used to treat temporary hair loss and balding.

Do you experience sudden hair loss because of seasonal changes or hormonal abnormalities? Do you see a lot of hair in your sink? On your hairbrush? In the shower? Do you suffer from a scalp condition that causes hair loss? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then PRP can be a solution for you.

By administering PRP injections, Doctor Lemierre gives you the opportunity to treat balding, temporary balding, and scalp conditions. In addition, PRP injections can also encourage hair growth.

Millions of men and women worldwide are affected by hair loss everyday. Some decide to do a hair transplant, while others choose PRP injections, which they find less invasive but still able to provide results. However, PRP cannot completely replace hair transplants.

Why choose PRP injections? What are the advantages? What does a typical session look like? And what are the results?

Doctor Lemierre has been practicing cosmetic medicine in Bordeaux, Royan for over 10 years. Specialised in hair loss treatments, he can provide you with personalised solutions that are adapted to your needs and desires to give you thicker, denser, more beautiful hair.


Why choose PRP injections?

If your father has some balding, it is highly possible that you will develop a receding hairline over time. Balding is typically a hereditary trait that can be passed down.

Other factors can also contribute to hair loss such as anxiety, stress, a poor diet, certain medications, scalp conditions (dermatitis, infections, irritations), and medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

By using regenerative medicine, Doctor Lemierre can reduce your hair loss while also improving the quality of your hair.

In your blood there are three types of cells: red blood cells, white blood cells, and blood platelets. PRP injections only use the blood platelets. These platelets contain growth drivers that are able to revitalise and regenerate tissues. PRP injections can be used to repair damaged tissues by accelerating the healing process.

PRP treats hair loss by stimulating the hair follicles and scalp towards hair growth.

After this reliable treatment, you will have thicker hair with more volume.

What are the advantages and the inconveniences?

The advantages of PRP:

  • It is 100% organic since it comes from your body
  • There is no risk of an allergic reaction or that your body will reject the treatment
  • Stimulates growth
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Provides impressive results
  • An outpatient procedure
  • No general anaesthesia
  • No need to take a break from your social life
  • Not very painful

In addition, PRP can also be used to conserve hair transplants if need be.

This procedure reduces your hair loss and provides you with thick, voluminous, and smooth hair.

The possible inconveniences/risks of PRP:

  • Not a painful treatment, but can be uncomfortable
  • Slight irritation near the site of the injections a few hours after the procedure

What does a typical session look like?

Doctor Lemierre performs PRP injections in the operating room. Although it is not a surgical procedure, PRP injections are generally done with local anaesthesia.

A PRP injection session lasts about 10 minutes. It is then followed by a session of LED photo bio-stimulation that reinforces the PRP.

The importance of LED. 1.38

A blood test is required before the injections. The blood test is meant to separate the blood components so that the platelets rich in plasma can be identified. This is done in an extremely sterile environment that is coded and labelled for each patient.

The platelets, coming straight from your body are 100% biocompatible, and are immediately injected into your scalp with a thin needle.

The treatment is usually made up of five or six sessions that are done every four weeks. Afterwards, you will have one or two follow-up sessions each year with Doctor Lemierre to maintain the results.

A progressive, long lasting, and natural result

You will see more and more results over the course of the sessions with Doctor Lemierre; it is a cumulative effect. This is why it is important to continue repeating the sessions. One session is not enough.

After the first session, the results will not be very visible. Typically, it is around the third session that you will begin to see results; the more sessions you have, the more the results will be long lasting, natural, and visible.

Your hair will be thicker and have more volume.

As previously indicated, PRP injections not only reduce hair loss, but also stimulate hair growth for hair that will be thicker, with more volume and vitality.

What is the post-procedural process?

There is almost no post-treatment procedure.

A few hours after the PRP injection session, small irritations can appear. However, these irritations will disappear very quickly.

PRP injections do not require you to take a break from your social life.

It is recommended that you wait 12 hours before washing your hair after the procedure.

You can resume your physical and professional activities immediately.

Doctor Lemierre is specialised in hair transplants. He has been practicing in Bordeaux and Royan for over 10 years. If you have any questions or if you would like a consultation for your hair loss, do not hesitate to contact him. He will be able to guide you towards a personalised treatment.

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