La Maison Esthétique Bordeaux Océan in Bouscat (Bordeaux)

Doctor Guillaume Lemierre welcomes you in La Maison Esthétique Bordeaux Océan. Conveniently situated in Bouscat, a city close to Bordeaux. Doctor Lemierre’s team is carefully selected and makes it a point to provide you with a warm welcome within a peaceful space dedicated to your wellbeing.

Fully equipped, both for aesthetic surgery consultations, aesthetic medicine procedures and post-op consultations, Doctor Lemierre’s practice offers optimal techniques in terms of safety and comfort in a discreet and intimate setting.


Doctor Lemierre’s medical clinic in Bordeaux

Doctor Lemierre’s team in Bordeaux

A professional and attentive team surrounds Doctor Lemierre. Lisa, Jessica and Alexandra are ready to help you make appointments (consultations, post-operative follow-ups, procedures…). They will accompany you throughout your « journey ». You will feel welcome and heard. They will create an atmosphere where you can make decisions confidently and with a peace of mind.

Doctor Lemierre is assisted by Audrey, surgical assistant and nurse, and Marion, nurse for aesthetic care and post-operative follow-up. They allow you, through the work done by Dr. Lemierre, to engage in your surgical project. You benefit from personalized and tailor-made support.

This space, designed to listen, answer questions, and communicate, allows you to create your post-operation image and instil self-confidence.

Furthermore, the clinic is called the « maison (house) esthétique » to make sure you feel at home throughout the whole process.

Interventions offered at La Maison Esthétique Bordeaux Océan

La Maison Esthétique Bordeaux Océan is a space that provides wellbeing and peace of mind within a completely safe environment.

Doctor Lemierre's practice allows him to perform several types of operations under local anesthesia such as hair transplants, certain minor dermatological surgeries (skin lesions) or aesthetic medicine procedures (injection of botulinum toxin, injection of hyaluronic acid, PRP, tensor threads, etc.).

Your stay at La Maison Esthétique Bordeaux Océan lasts from a few hours to all day for hair transplants.

Surgical procedures at the clinic Jean Villar in Bruges (Bordeaux)

For acts performed in the operating room, they take place at the Jean Villar clinic in Bruges (Bordeaux). Largest clinic in the region, it brings together more than 140 specialist doctors, has 214 conventional hospital beds, 54 outpatient surgery stations and 15 operating theaters.

Dr. Lemierre realizes in particular:

Hospitalization can take place on an outpatient basis and last a few hours for procedures performed under local anesthesia, or require overnight hospitalization at the clinic for procedures requiring the presence of an anesthesiologist.

Contact the Maison Esthétique in Bordeaux

If you would like to make an appointment or for all other questions, please contact Doctor Lemierre or one of his secretaries directly by phone.

You can also stop by the centres, Epilium & Skin or Harley Health Village, conveniently located next to each other for any other inquiries.

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