• Mammary augmentation by implants in London

Mammary augmentation by implants in London, Bordeaux and Royan

Summary :

What is a breast augmentation done with implants?

Similar to a mammary augmentation by lipostructure, mammary augmentation, also known as breast augmentation, done with prosthetic implantations increases breast size to give you voluptuous, well-shaped, and well-proportioned breasts.

Contrary to the lipostructure method which uses fat tissue from your body, Doctor Guillaume Lemierre and his team use mammary prostheses, also known as medical-grade implants, for breast augmentation.

The implants are made of filling materials such as medical-grade silicone, liquid silicone gel, saline solution, or other organic matters. Each filling differs. Using silicon gel as the filler is one of the most effective methods due to its natural result, from touch to appearance. In addition, the viscosity of silicon gel implants limits leakage if your prosthesis breaks.

The material surrounding the filler is always made of silicon rubber.

Breast implants have often been a subject of debate due to their sometimes-harmful side effects. However, breast implants have been used for over 40 years and the procedure has evolved over time. Today, we can offer you a safe experience when seeking out breast augmentation.

The implants available in France are subject to a very strict and rigorous legislation carried out by the European community and l’ANSM (national security of medicine and medical implants).

Today we can offer a more solid envelop for the implants, a stronger resistance, and a silicon gel that is cohesive and more durable with a less fluid consistency. We also have a diverse selection of options for your breasts: round or teardrop, more or less high, large, or projecting. We can make whichever shape and proportion you desire…

All of these possibilities of breast augmentation allow us to respond to every specific desire you may have while assuring reliable results.

Doctor Lemierre and his team have been working together for over 10 years. Specialised in mammary augmentation, he uses a combination of new procedures to provide his patients with a unique and personalised result, catered to your morphology as well as your personal desires. Choosing a breast augmentation with Doctor Lemierre is choosing to give yourself the opportunity to have the breasts you have always wanted.

The advantages and inconveniences:

The advantages:

  • Short hospital stay
  • There is no added risk of breast cancer linked to breast implants
  • A natural touch depending on the filler and only one short operation
  • No stitches to take out, everything is absorbable
  • A natural and long-lasting result
  • Formal and professional procedure despite the growing commonality and popularity

Possible inconveniences:

  • Implants can move around or be displaced
  • After about 10 years, the implant may need to be changed
  • Rare complications exist such as capsular contractions and/or implant tears. This is why we offer regular check-ups and the possibility to intervene if necessary

The inconveniences are very rare and do not appear in every patient. For the vast majority, a mammary augmentation with implants does not pose any problems and happens with no complications before, during, or after the procedure. Breast implants have a high rate of satisfaction since they provide you with voluminous, beautiful breasts.

What can you expect from a typical session?

During the first consultation, Doctor Lemierre will ask you about your previous medical surgeries to identify all possible complications such as coagulation disorders, heart conditions, etc, which must be addressed before the procedure.

He will then examine your silhouette, your bust, your waist, the position of your breasts and areolas. Doctor Lemierre will also examine the tone and thickness of your skin. These examinations are essential to guide the choice of implants.

With over 10 years of experience, Doctor Lemierre will help you choose the prostheses for your body based on your morphology. Depending on the size and desired effects, he will advise you to the best of his abilities for a natural and lasting result.

The procedure is about 1 hour and a half with general anaesthesia and requires between 12 and 24 hours of hospitalisation. The incision can be done under the breasts, where your areolas are, and sometimes is done in your armpits. These techniques ensure minimal scarring that is practically invisible to the naked eye since they blend in with the natural creases of your skin. In addition, Doctor Lemierre can indicate if it is better to place the implant in front or behind the pectoral muscle or partially in front and behind according to your skin and body morphology.

Just as it is done for breast augmentation via lipostructure, a mammogram and an ultrasound are administered. You are also not recommended to take any aspirin in the days leading up to the procedure and to avoid smoking for a month before because tobacco can increase the risk of complications during the surgery and prolong the scarring process.

A natural and lasting result between 15 days and 3 weeks after the procedure

After the procedure, you will have to wait about 2 to 3 weeks to see results.

The swelling will disappear around 2 to 3 weeks after the operation and your breasts will then have a more natural appearance which you will discover along with your new silhouette.

To appreciate the final results you will have to be patient and wait about 3 to 6 months. Then you will rediscover your femininity and especially your new bust which will have acquired a beautiful shape and volume. The added volume in your breasts will have an impact on your body as a whole including a positive psychological effect.

To optimise your results, we can make the contour of your implants invisible by offering a breast lipostructure along with the implants during the augmentation. This technique fills in the open spaces as small as one millimetre to create an even more natural look. For more information click here.

Doctor Lemierre and his team, who have been working together for 10 years, unilaterally believe it is essential to maintain your body’s health.

Choosing plastic surgery demonstrates your willingness to take care of yourself, physically and mentally. To accompany the treatments, it is recommended you also maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, reduce consumption of tobacco and alcohol and exposure to the sun, especially harmful UV rays which can damage your skin.

These recommendations not only help you stay healthy but will help optimise the results of each procedure or treatment.

After the operation:

After a breast augmentation via implants it is recommended to rest for several days and up to two weeks depending on the extent of the operation in order to obtain the best results.

Furthermore, you will have to wait two to three months to resume sports and exercise. When do you begin exercising again, Doctor Lemierre recommends using a new bra adapted to your new breasts.

Just like with other surgeries, small bruises can appear, especially in the scarring area. Do not worry; these bruises will disappear within two weeks of the operation. Your bust will also be swollen for 15 to 20 days post-operation. Prescriptions to manage the pain will be administered by the doctor.

Analgesic medicine will be prescribed by Doctor Lemierre to lessen the pain which will only last two to three days.

Doctor Lemierre will also schedule a follow-up session every two years after the operation. Doctor Lemierre and his team remain at your complete disposition and will be there to answer any and all of your questions. Do not hesitate to contact them for any reason.

A word from the surgeon:

Breast augmentation with implants has amazing results and patients are highly satisfied by the procedure.

Breast implants are indispensible in the realm of breast augmentation surgeries, whether for reconstruction purposes, cosmetic reasons, or combined with lipostructure injections.

The procedure is becoming more and more safe due to its popularity and is accompanied by regular check-up sessions with the surgeon.

Professionals are very capable of managing the risks associated with the procedure. The recent controversy surrounding anaplastic lymphoma is a very rare risk which is monitored by your doctor and can be treated immediately once detected.

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