• Regenerative medicine in London

Regenerative medicine in London, Bordeaux and Royan

Even in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, there are continuous research and innovations to improve anti-aging treatments and skin care.

In this field, regenerative medicine is growing and the available treatments are more and more efficient.

Doctor Guillaume Lemierre, plastic surgeon in Bordeaux, Royan, and London, has offered treatments for many years.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is based on the use of a patient’s cells on himself (we collect cells, tissues, to re-inject them on the same patient). It is an autologous treatment. The aim is to implant a patient his own stem cells that are able to grow into other cells and/or produce products called growth-factor.

Then, the cells, having been transferred into other tissues, will regenerate the tissues in which they have been implanted (for instance the skin improves after micro-fat transfers, hair also changes after PRP injections, platelet rich plasma).

It is a very efficient therapeutic principle, with no risk of rejection and totally « bio » since everything comes from the patient.

What are the regenerative medicine treatments provided in plastic and cosmetic surgery by Dr Guillaume Lemierre?

Fat transfers (lipostructure, micro-lipostructure, nanofat) are among the first treatments to have been developed in cosmetic surgery in the area of regenerative medicine.

We use lipostructure or fat transfers:

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