Doctor Guillaume Lemierre, cosmetic surgeon and doctor in Bordeaux

Cosmetic and aesthetic surgery: a passion that does not diminish!

Doctor Guillaume Lemierre

I have been practicing plastic and aesthetic surgery in Bordeaux since 2007. I am very attached to my patients and take care of all their needs.

I do not believe aesthetic surgery is a business; I do not try to perform the maximum amount of surgeries or have an excessive amount of patients.

Plastic and aesthetic surgery is above all a medical treatment.

When I consult a patient on their physical imperfections whether it is to improve or repair an aspect of their body, I never impose my vision or push them towards a specific aesthetic vision of beauty.

Each person is different and I believe each person requires different techniques, methods, and procedures.

I listen and take into account the needs and particularities of each patient and have them participate in the decision making process concerning their treatment plan.

The results of an aesthetic procedure should be natural and beautiful, without over-compensating (so it does not seem like an obvious surgery). Sometimes you have to learn to say no. The act, the technique, and the treatment should be adapted to each person.

It is important to me that every patient still feels like the same person after a treatment; it is an improved version of yourself, but it is still you.

This mentality requires consultations that take time to really understand the motivation behind the procedure, to explain the various courses of action, that the result can alter, improve, and also to explain what the treatment will not be able to change, to explain in detail the procedure, what the possible risks are, …

To do this, I am always available for my patients with in detail consultation sessions. I stay informed of new techniques and products. I am always ready to learn and master new techniques.

When a patient chooses a treatment plan, they should always feel better in their body and in their life, feel more beautiful, but still feel like themselves.

I am available to meet you for a consultation so we can decide together the best treatment plan for your aesthetic needs.

Background, diplomas, and scholarly associations

  • Registered with the Medical Board of Gironde N° 33/13399
  • With a speciality in plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery
  • Former chief of Clinical-Assistant of the Hospitals
  • Former resident at the Surgical Hospital
  • Research associate of the Hospital of Bordeaux
  • DCES of plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery
  • Graduate and member of Collège Français de Chirurgie Plastique, Réparatrice et Esthétique (Plastic, Corrective, and Aesthetic College of France)
  • Graduate from the Université de Microchirurgie (Micro-surgery University)
  • Graduate from Inter-Universitaire de Chirurgie de la Main (Hand Surgery Inter-University)
  • Graduate from Inter-Universitaire de Chirurgie Plastique de la Face (Facial Plastic Surgery Inter-University)
  • Graduate from Universitaire de Pathologies et de Thérapeutique du Cuir Chevelu (University of Pathologies and Scalp Therapy)
  • Teaching member of Diplôme Universitaire de Pathologies et de Thérapeutique du Cuir Chevelu, greffes capillaires et FUE (University of Scalp Pathologies and Therapy, hair transplant and FUE Degree)
  • Member of la Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique, Réparatrice et Esthétique (SOFCPRE) et de la SOFCEP (Plastic, Corrective, and Aesthetic Surgery French Society)
  • Member of the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
  • Registered at the General Medical Council (GMC) number 7382691

I am also a training doctor for different injection laboratories (I train people on different injection techniques).

I am part of the teaching group for DIU de greffes de cheveux et thérapeutique du cuir chevelu in Paris.

I am solicited to work abroad to perform specific techniques (London).

Publications in the ISAPS (Internation Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery), for SOFCEP, SOFCPRE

  • PRP in plastic and aesthetic surgery (SOFCEP, Val d'Isère, 2019)
  • Advances in PRP in Hair Surgery and Hair Grafts (SOFCEP, Val d'Isère, 2019)
  • Microlipostructure in hair loss : bases, techniques and expected outcomes (SOFCPRE, Paris, 2019)
  • Place de la chirurgie des paupières dans la prise en charge du regard (AFME, Arcachon, 2019) translation: Eyelid surgery and your look
  • Microlipostructure et lifting du visage : quand, pourquoi et comment associer les deux (ISAPS, Miami, 2018) translation: Microlipostructure and face lifts: when, why, and how to combine both
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