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Doctor Guillaume Lemierre welcomes you in the French medical beauty clinic Epilium & Skin. Conveniently situated in the heart of London within an upscale neighbourhood, the centre offers high-end treatments with the latest equipment.

At Epilium & Skin, only certain interventions can be performed. Therefore, Doctor Lemierre also practices at Harley Health Village, just a few steps away, for all other cosmetic surgery needs.

In the following section you will find out more about the services and treatments provided by Doctor Lemierre in London.

London clinic

Epilium & Skin and Harley Health Village: two medical centres in London for more comfort and security

Epilium & Skin is a French cosmetic treatment centre in London. Its reputation is founded on the excellent practitioners who are known for their French cosmetic surgery talents.

At Epilium & Skin, Doctor Lemierre guarantees efficient, modern, and safe treatments.

Situated in the heart of London, in the chic borough Marylebone, the French medical beauty clinic Epilium & Skin is complete with the best and most recent medical equipment, just like at the Harley Health Village, which is located a few steps away.

These two “clinics” where Doctor Lemierre works are situated in Marylebone, which is comparable to the 7eme arrondissement of Paris. Apartment buildings with doormen, pedestrian streets, the ambiance of a chic village…

Doctor Lemierre welcomes you in these two clinics which guarantee excellence and French expertise.

Epilium & Skin and Harley Health Village are not only intimate, peaceful, modern, and safe, but also provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere with top-quality services.

Doctor Lemierre’s London-based team

A professional and caring team in London surrounds Doctor Lemierre. Secretaries and nurses are all working to ensure your patient experience is perfect.

Doctor Lemierre’s goal is that you feel welcome, heard, and understood throughout your experience. He wants you to make all your decisions thoughtfully and with a peaceful state of mind.

Whether it is for treatments sought out at Epilium & Skin or Harley Healthy Village, Doctor Lemierre can help you. You will have access to a personalised treatment plan and follow-up procedure.

This space, designed to listen, answer questions, and communicate, allows you to create your post-operation image and instil self-confidence.

The services offered at Epilium & Skin in London

Doctor Lemierre is present at Epilium & Skin twice a month.

Doctor Lemierre can perform a variety of services including injections (botulinic toxin, hyaluronic acid,) laser treatments, peelings, hair transplants, cryolipolysis, local anaesthetic surgeries (blepharoplasty, mini liposuction, microlipostructure…) because the centre is equipped with an operating room. English law allows us to perform these services with local anaesthesia in the operating room.

For all surgical procedures that involve general anaesthesia, Doctor Lemierre is available at the Harvey Health Village, 64 Harley St., Marylebone, London WIG 7HB.

Hospitalisation at Harley Health Village in London

The hospital stay is typically short, only several hours for the operations that use local anaesthesia and one night for the procedures that require an anaesthesiologist.

Contact Epilium & Skin in London

If you would like to make an appointment or for all other questions, please contact Doctor Lemierre or one of his secretaries directly by phone.

You can also stop by the centres, Epilium & Skin or Harley Health Village, conveniently located next to each other for any other inquiries.

You can also visit the clinic website.

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